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Unveil the Truth of the Evil CCP’s Public Trial

    On 21 August (2014), the May 28 Zhaoyuan Murder was publicly tried in Yantai City, Shandong Province. About the public hearing, in “Court Statements of the Defendants in Zhaoyuan Murder: I Am God,” Tencent made a relatively detailed and true report on the defendants’ statements. However, in the report entitled “What Makes the Church of Almighty God ‘Miraculous,’” with the tactics of substituting one thing for another deceitfully, the CCTV News 1+1 identified the group of psychopaths who created the Zhaoyuan Murder as members of the Church of Almighty God. In this way, the CCTV created public opinions for the CCP to comprehensively crack down on the Church of Almighty God and all the underground churches, and shifted people’s distrust of the CCP to the hatred of the Church. Its sinister intention makes me shudder with fear. The CCP held such a high-profile public trial on the case of several psychopaths’ killing one person; why didn’t it do so on the big case of several thousand students being slaughtered in the 6/4 Students’ Strike of 1989? 
    The CCP launched various movements over the years, and countless people were fixed to death. Why didn’t it hold high-profile public trials on them? The Chinese people are all expecting that the CCP can publicly try these murder cases and give an account to all victims and their families. Why doesn’t the CCP uphold justice and put on high-profile public trials? The facts are sufficient to prove that the CCP has ulterior motives in holding the high-profile public trial on these psychopaths. So, this video aims to extensively expose the sinister intention of the CCP’s high-profile public trial on the Zhaoyuan Case, so as to clear the innocent and offer an opportunity for the public to know the substance of the CCP. 
    First, backstage manipulation 
   If we watch the Zhaoyuan Case’s spot video carefully, we will find that a tall man in green walks around all the time and leisurely goes in and out of the scene closely secured by the police. If he is not a CCP undercover policeman, who can freely go in and out of the scene controlled by the police? Thus, we can conclude that the man in green is an undercover policeman and the wire-puller of the murder! The Shandong Zhaoyuan Case is completely created by the CCP itself! Then why did the CCP instigate a gang of psychopaths to kill a person? With a little analysis, we can know: This is because normal people are not easy to be used, yet psychopaths have no normal sense and are easy to be induced and used. This is just the CCP’s painstaking conspiracy. 
   Second, playing the trick of a thief crying “Stop thief!” After using a group of psychopaths to commit murder and imputing the blame to the Church of Almighty God, the CCP made use of the newspaper, TV, and network to whip up public opinion and then crazily arrested and cruelly persecuted the Christians in the Church of Almighty God and all the underground churches nationwide. Only in June, nearly one thousand Christians in the Church were arrested. Let me ask: Did the arrested Christians kill people? No! They didn’t do anything harmful to others, let alone commit murder. Then why did the CCP arrest them? The CCP created this murder single-handedly and it is the real murderer, but it played the trick of a thief crying “Stop thief” and arrested the kind and the good. Where is justice? Where is righteousness? Especially, after the killing, it shamelessly disguised itself as a righteous one to carry out a high-profile public trial on the Zhaoyuan Case. It not only wants to act before the world as a positive role responsible for the country and the public, so as to relieve people’s dissatisfaction with it and reduce the pressure of the international opinion condemning it for its cruel suppression of the believers in God, but even more wants to take the opportunity to exterminate the thorn in its side— the Church of Almighty God and all the underground churches in China. It’s really killing three birds with one stone. It calculates so well.   

    Third, slapping its own face However, Heaven doesn’t bless the evil ones! The CCP puts a group of psychopaths on a high-profile trial, but it makes a spectacle of itself and slaps its own face. This is because the CCP tries a group of psychopaths who can’t cooperate well with it no matter how hard it trains them. From their statements in the court hearing, we can know that they are out-and-out psychopaths. In the court hearing, Lyu Yingchun said, “God is my lifeblood. Without God, I can’t live. I’m willing to spend everything for God.” At one moment she said that she would spend for God, and at another she claimed herself to be God. On hearing it, we know that she is psychopath. When she mentioned that she saw the victim Wu, she said, “We both recognized that she was the wicked spirit, so we cursed her with words. She not only didn’t listen to us, but on the contrary she attacked us more violently. We saw the chi in her move around her back and belly circle by circle and her belly become swollen. Our spirits felt that her suction and attack were getting stronger, and I felt increasingly weak.” Those rambling words are too funny! She is indeed a psychopath. How surprising her words are! Let’s take a look at Zhang Fan’s statements in the court hearing. Zhang Fan said, “In the organization of Almighty God, Lyu Yingchun and I hold the highest position. We’re both God Godself. My father, my sister, my brother, and Zhang Qiaolian are all chief priests.” Lyu Yingchun and Zhang Fan are so arrogant that they claim themselves to be God. They are purely paranoiac psychopaths. She also said, “My mother is an evil spirit. … If I meet her, I’ll kill her. … I’ll expose her to her face but won’t oppose her by force.” She said her mother is an evil spirit and she would kill her, but later she said she wouldn’t oppose her by force. Her words are really contradictory and she is a sheer psychopath! In the court hearing, the criminal clears up the matter in a single sentence: They are not members of the Church of Almighty God the CCP cracks down on. It completely exposes to the public the CCP’s conspiracy of deliberately framing and defaming the Church of Almighty God. Let’s continue to look at their statements. Lyu Yingchun said, “I found that except for Zhang Lidong, Zhang Hang, and Zhang Duo who truly believe in Almighty God, the others are all cheaters.” The criminal clearly states that only the six of them are members of the Church of Almighty God and the others are all cheaters. Obviously, they’re simply not members of the Church of Almighty God the CCP cracks down on. She also said, “Zhang Fan and I are the only true spokespersons of Almighty God. … Ours is the true Almighty God.” The criminal once again emphasized they are not members of the Church of Almighty God the CCP cracks down on. However, the CCP insists on saying that they are members of the Church. Evidently, this is a frame-up! From the above statements, Zhang Lidong and the others are completely typical psychopaths. Moreover, they are not members of the Church of Almighty God and have nothing to do with the Church! So far, the public trial the CCP elaborately concocted gives itself a heavy and loud slap, which is unexpected to itself! 
    Fourth, the more concealed, the more conspicuous The CCP slapped itself because of the high-profile trial on the Zhaoyuan Case. By rights, it should hide itself and cover its face in shame. However, the shameless thing has its own way of being shameless. Though the criminals Lyu Yingchun and Zhang Fan claimed themselves to be God and stressed repeatedly that they had nothing to do with the Church of Almighty God the CCP cracks down on all the time, the CCP still incited its mouthpiece media to play the trick of shifting the blame and whip up public opinion so as to continue framing and defaming the Church. Instigated by the CCP, the CCTV News 1+1 engaged in an overt stratagem. Under the watchful eyes of the people, it brazenly snipped off the criminal’s words which proved that they had nothing to do with the Church of Almighty God, and forcibly connected them with the Church. Is there anyone in the world more shameless than the CCP? It deceives itself and exposes itself unwittingly while trying to cover up its tricks. The actions and deeds of the CCP just demonstrates its ugliness and lets the world see more clearly its bloodthirsty devilish essence. 
     Fifth, foul winds and rains of blood Since the CCP came to power, it has been grabbing and killing unscrupulously. It not only deprives all people of their property and their right to free speech, but also constantly deprives people of their lives. Consequently, a tragic scene that people suffer in great misery appears all over Mainland China. In 1950, because of fearing that Lin Biao and Peng Dehuai would rebel with the military in their hands and also wanting to earn hereditary capital for the prince Mao Anying, Mao Zedong had Peng Dehuai take Lin Biao’s army to participate in the Korean War under the banner of defending the motherland. As a result, about one million people were injured and died. Afterwards, about one million hot-blooded young people died and were injured in the Sino-Indian Border War, the Sino-Soviet Border War, the Vietnam War, the Sino-Vietnamese War, and so on. In the three years’ man-made “natural” disaster from 1959 to 1961, over thirty million people were starved to death. Dozens of million people died in the campaigns the CCP launched one after another, such as the Campaign to Suppress Counterrevolutionaries, the Three-anti Campaign, the Five-anti Campaign, the Elimination of Counterrevolutionaries Movement, the Anti-Rightist Movement, the Socialist Education Movement, the Cultural Revolution, and the Campaign to Purify Class Ranks, Criticize Deng, and Smash the “Gang of Four.” In the 6/4 Students’ Strike of 1989, several thousand hot-blooded students pursuing democracy and freedom became wronged ghosts under the CCP’s machine guns and tanks. In recent years, riots break out in many places and slaughter happens every day, and the death toll is even more uncountable. For decades, not only soldiers and common people became victims under CCP’s sanguinary rule. Even its high officials such as Liu Zhidan, Gao Gang, Rao Shushi, Peng Dehuai, and He Long were cruelly killed due to the scramble for power and gain. Even the national chairman Liu Shaoqi was fixed to death on an unwarranted charge. The devilish CCP treats people’s lives as straw and is bloodthirsty. The Chinese who live under its authority will become its victims at any time, which is a fact. From the Zhaoyuan Murder, the CCP’s murderous devilish nature can also be seen. It puts the psychopaths on a high-profile trial, frames the Church of Almighty God by the means of substituting one thing for another, and carries out a nationwide arrest, so as to achieve its purpose of bloodily suppressing and liquidating its dissidents. This is also a fact. The CCP is the killer and the real sinner. But it always shifts the crime to others and puts the crown of greatness, gloriousness, and correctness on its own head. It is really contemptible and shameless! The facts have proved: Whatever the CCP does its utmost to cover up and quibble over is surely the truth and whatever the CCP exposes and hypes up is surely the falseness! 
     Sixth, the voice of the people Today we have exposed the CCP’s sinister intention of making a fuss to hold a high-profile public trial of the Zhaoyuan Case, but the reflection caused by the case doesn’t end. The Zhaoyuan Case is an incident that the psychopaths asked for a phone number and a conflict occurred, which resulted in death from the beating. No matter how ridiculous it is, it has a cause. However, in March (2014), in the Hacking Attack at Kunming Railway Station, because of struggling for power, the CCP high officials backstage directed a gang of armed policemen to hack at the innocent people with cleavers, which caused over one hundred people to die and get injured. Aren’t these high officials in power who can mobilize the armed police to kill people more terrible than the psychopaths who committed the Zhaoyuan Murder? Why has the CCP neither disclosed the truth nor carried out a public trial on the real murderers until now? Why does it only take several scapegoats to deceive the public? Moreover, as many as thousands of innocent students died distressingly in the 6/4 Students’ Strike. Why doesn’t the CCP arrest and publicly try those party leaders who ordered to slaughter the students and those murderers who ground the students with tanks and raked them with machine guns? According to the CCP’s logic, is it that killing one person deserves a capital punishment, killing one hundred is worthy of a hero’s medal, and killing ten thousand deserves worship of the nobility? The CCP is a group of devilish killers and should be cursed! Otherwise, it should listen to the voice of the people: Publicly try these major and serious cases that severely disturb the social order and endanger the people’s safety, so as to comfort those innocent and wronged ghosts! 
     Seventh, painful reflection Look back to the history. The CCP has long stepped on the path of no return which is hostile to all mankind. Due to its absurd ruling theory and evil nature and substance, it can’t be approved by the people of insight or supported by the masses, and its regime has been tottering and shaky. However, the CCP is unwilling to retreat from the stage of the history. In order to safeguard its evil ruling, it always takes the “Two Sticks” as the effective weapons to destroy enemies and eradicate dissidents. It uses pens to make up lies and practice deception to create public opinions and excuses for violent suppression; it uses guns to carry out violent suppression to provide space for the full play of the lies and deception. They supplement each other and are indeed “excellent schemes and clever moves” of the king of devils’ afflicting and devouring people. Pitifully, as for us, cowardly and weak common people, some swallow insult and humiliation and some help to count money for the trader who sells us. 
    However, under the CCP’s harsh suppression and severe crackdown, what else could we do? The morals are getting worse and worse and men are not what they were in times past. Driven by power, fame, gain, money, and material things, more and more people gradually become the filial sons of the CCP. In particular, all levels of the CCP’s media represented by the CCTV, in order to win power and position and money, even sell out their conscience and moral principles and willingly pander to the CCP’s schemes and intrigues, fabricating charges against the good and framing the dissidents. Those evil and ruthless spies in the National Security Bureau and armed police in the Public Security Bureau are even more lackeys fed by the CCP. They have long been outrageously arresting, suppressing, and slaughtering believers in God. China ruled by the evil CCP has long become the tiger’s mouth and the wolf’s den where people will be devoured at any time and the dangerous nest that may be overthrown at any moment. At this thought, I can’t help feeling very sad. China is the CCP’s world. All the rights of the Chinese have been communized by the evil CCP. Our property has been communized, our freedom of speech has been communized, our lives have also been communized…. 
    Today when its regime is in great peril and about to collapse at any time, it becomes more and more crazy and every Chinese will become its victim at any moment. Thinking of that, I shiver in spite of myself: Who will be the next ghost? When the CCP is about to perish, more and more Chinese will die. This is because the CCP devil has said, “We got the regime at the cost of twenty million heads. Whoever wants to grab it from us has to exchange it with twenty million heads!” Therefore, the CCP will not retreat from the stage of the history of its own accord. It wants to kill all people! So, all the Chinese will possibly become wronged ghosts under its cleaver and become its victims. However, Heaven’s prestige can’t be offended and God’s will can’t be disobeyed. He who is unjust is doomed to destruction. The CCP runs counter to right principles and goes against Heaven! It has long incurred Heaven’s wrath and man’s resentment. It has to wait for God’s righteous punishment to come! This video is not for any commercial use.

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